Embrace Your Online Reviews, Don’t Fear Them!

Many business owners understand that punch to the gut feeling when you read a nasty comment online. We put so much into our businesses, they become like a part of our family, like a part of us.

Some folks take the route of burying their heads in the sand and pretending these bad reviews don’t exist or that they ruin their business. Others wax Pollyannaish with phrases like, “Let’s make lemonade out of lemons,” but simply do nothing.

It’s not that simple, though it’s easy.

We don’t want to over simplify what negative comments mean, but it’s incredibly important to recognize that online reviews — both good and bad — are great opportunities.

As business owners, our existing clients are the best way for new clients to find us. When your customers talk about you to their friends, or post about your great service online, they’re marketing your business for you. Heck, it’s free advertising!

When the scary negative comment actually comes.

But we at Vaunt also know that if you’re a growing business, you will, without question, get the odd negative review as you scale. Instead of avoiding this, responding in an impactful way will help boost your business.

Respond: It is hands down, the most important component to handling a negative review. Respond with truth and grace. Respond with detail about the client (as much as you have), detail about the product, the situation and how you will make it right.

Pro Tip – Wait to respond until you no longer feel emotional or are taking it personally, otherwise it will come through. If you can’t do that, phone a friend.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real.

Consumers who read reviews don’t expect perfection and most people understand there are always naysayers. In fact, many would argue some negative reviews add legitimacy and consumers often hunt them out first.

Fact: How a company does, or does not, respond to negativity has a huge impact on its growth.

Do you see it as an opportunity to improve or grow your product or service?

Or do you hide from it instead? Or even worse, do you put down the person who’s openly shared their dissatisfaction?

Online reviews are important, but you don’t need to fear them, not even the negative ones. They are a platform for showcasing how much you care about your business and even more importantly, your customer’s satisfaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about managing your reputation, contact us and schedule a free consultation and online business scan.