Small Business Success and Customer Obsession

Amazon was once a small business.

It feels weird writing that this behemoth company that’s become synonymous with online shopping started out as a little guy. But the fact is, all large companies once started small.

Jeff Bezos has become a foundational leader in the business world as others look to emulate their gigantic success.

Some of you may be reading, and as a result, may be ready to tune out because your company is small and I’m ok with it being small. 

But don’t walk away so quickly because what Bezos focuses on is something all of us in the business world should be focusing on: Serving our customers well.

“Customer Obsession,” as Bezos refers to it, is the founding principle that propelled Amazon to its height of success. 

Think about it, when you log into your Amazon account (because who doesn’t have an account nowadays) don’t you feel like Amazon knows exactly what you need? It’s like the Amazon gods were reading your mind.

However, as we work to become more and more successful in our business, we can often become obsessed with the other c word: competition

What can consume our minds as a small business owner are thoughts like, “How are my competitors marketing? Are they copying me? How are my competitor’s products/services better than mine?” And so on and so on.

But if we fall down this rabbit hole, we run into the danger of missing what drove us to start our business in the first place: offering a product or service we know will serve others well.

So, I have to say we at Vaunt agree with Mr. Bezos (after all, I don’t know many in the business world who don’t worship at the feet of Amazon’s success).

But I think this is even more critical for us small business owners. Our customers are the heart and soul of what we do. It’s important we understand what drives them, how they feel about us and what they’re saying about us.

The first step to customer obsession is learning what they already think of you and either expand on those positive sentiments or improve any negative areas. 

We at Vaunt believe understanding and managing your online reputation are important to both growing as a company and serving your customers well.

If you want to learn more from Mr. Bezos, read the full Inc. article here.